Only if You're a Little Bit In Love with Me

As a visual artist, I envy people who are performers. I can only imagine the high of connecting with people on a level that is opening up the door, into what you feel for everyone to see, during the very moment. That is why hearing instruments live and singing voices loud and in person hit on a human level like a storm. The closest I get to this is dancing with a bunch of people I love or when I got to duet a song with an old boyfriend in our livingroom.






So I was at my friend's house who was hosting my indigo dye workshop and she was like:

"Check out the moldy cactus in my backyard!"

I was like, "That's not fungus! That's one of the brightest natural dyes... Cochineal!"

Cochineal is an insect that has a symbiotic relationship with the prickly pear cacti. It sucks nutrients out of the Cactus creating a crismon colored dye. It's looks pretty gnarly, but it gives such a range of beautiful red and violet hues. Commonly used...


Chan Marshall being a dreamboat in a video that makes me nostalgic for the east coast this time of year.





Kaboom Kaboom Guess Who Stepped in the Room

 If you need a killa BEE on the M-I-C with SWV

 Somethings are just too good to have a music video and exist only in the cassingles of my mind.


Okay I know I just posted Solange

But seriously this overachieving bunch has to chill

Oh so Solange is the creative director of Puma, well I guess Beyonce will just drop a whole brand new album secretly today

Cuz it's just NBD, here's a preview of one of the new songs, but y'alls its an album only buy on Itunes