2 drummers one bassist and one short haired babe

Polica's first album really broke my heart in a beautiful way, this second album is just starting to grow on me, but the band is still the coolest


Valentine Jessie Ware and Sampha


The heart is only so big, why let anything less than gold in there? This is for all those sweet friends, you give as good as you get, and you know I'm always giving too much. 


Ride or Die

New Dawn New Day AKA MonDAY

Fight the Power

Urban Legend has it that this inspired Robyn's Call your Girlfriend Video, either that or Fly Girls on In Living Color, either way, neither exists without the amazing Rosie Perez. This jam is long get prepared and this is some real fashion.


Sade and MF DOOM

Who isn't obsessed with Sade if you came to age in the 90's? This is for Mr. Esse, he always hooked me up with a great mix. This video is cray.