Tryin to Holla at Me



D'Angelo, where's that new album? Questlove? Bring me that satin sheet set of a voice, bring it on over here.

This album definately made me feel new feelings as a young lass.

Shabazz Palaces

My homegirl Brielle sent me their first album for my 29th birthday and it came with a patch. Pretty badass. Hip Hop is really lucky that these dudes exist, or else I would be hiding in 93.5 KDay Blanket. Formerly Butterfly from Digable Planets and Sub Pops first signed hip hop group. 



The Internet

Sometimes I worry about the future of hip hop and R&B, but the Odd Future crew puts me at ease. This Song from The Internet is making me feel real smooth. Re-defining sexy all the time.

Mrs. Carter

Jay and Bey are really making matrimony look way more wild than anyone's dating life. Her southern rap style and shit talking is pretty damn enjoyable.