Lovers in the Parking Lot

One of our obvi style icons ( I bet her hair smells so good ) is Miss Solange. We wanna go shopping with her, eat with her, draw pictures of her, and be the one who answers the phone when she's having a rough day.

" B did what? NO?!"

For Ann

Ann Demeulemeester's presence in the fashion world will be missed. But there is nothing greater than someone who can create such beauty, and when the time is right, walk away to create again.

Here we go!

Holiday Celebrate We're Gonna Have a GOod Time


Hey guys, keep a look out, there's some cray cute stuff we are trickling in for Holiday Parties and Cold Winter nights. This RepairShop is proud to present our Holiday collection.

Just a note, these are some real ladies, there is no make up or touching up happening, just good light, normal eating habits, occasional jogging, lots of sleep and water happening in these photos. If you have any questions in regards to size

Mad Props to our very own Joyce Kim, who when she is not shooting for the Fader or Mohawk...

Hey Mona Lisa Could I get a Date on Friday

Before Lauren Hill went cray and before Wyclef was super annoying, they made beauty. Lauren as beautiful of a singing voice she has, she has one of my favorite MC voices. On the real, Happy Friday Darlins.