Granny Style

We are not gonna lie, our style is self proclaimed granny style. You need some sheer nude ankle socks? Walgreens baby. You wanna know what we think is sexy? The highest neckline wool Sweater you got. Thanks to Tim Walker our dreams have come true this holiday with the gorgeous book  Read the article

Too Much

East Coast to West Coast Journey

word on the street is that this is in a Drake song, but I only see Sampha




This is going out to a Kiki and an ETooze

LA is warm come out to play, cuz this jammy note is filmed in my hood

My Sister Know this Ball Player and He Think I'm Pretty--Psych


When I was 18 living in Hawaii I remember listening to this song and being really blown away by the ?uestlove Drum Solo. After living in Philadelphia for 10 Years the Roots and this song always makes me feel a certain way. Mostly I'm thinking Eve where you at girl? I miss you.

Top Down with the Radio On the Night Belongs to Us


It really doesn't get more fun and gorgeous as this. What's up with this fine Jumpsuit homegirl? Kool A.D.'s Sit Down Dance Moves gave me a morning crush.