James Ulmer X This Repair Shop April 04 2014


James Ulmer and I used to share a studio at Space 1026. We once had a show at a Laundromat together,that made no sense to either of us, but it was actually one of the greatest shows I have ever had the pleasure of being in. Here is an interview with one of TRS's favorite artists.



TRS: Who is James Ulmer?
J: I am an artist, cat and dog owner. No relation to James Blood Ulmer
TRS: Where are you from?
J: I grew up outside of Philadelphia.
TRS: Where do you live now?
J: I am currently living in Brooklyn NY
TRS: Where did your art come from?
J: I don't really know where it came from? My head, practice, people, growing up, not wanting to grow up.
TRS: Where is it going?
J: It's going sideways.
TRS: Remember when we first hung out drawing, I cut myself on your exacto blade and ran away?
J: Ha Yes you found it when you stuck your hand in my bag looking for an eraser. You had blood all over your shirt and walked home really fast. 



I Wanna Be Witchu April 01 2014

Nicki and Rick Ross are making me feel cray romantic. I mean whatever this is a commercial for Nicki Minaj's liquor but I'll take it.



Touch My Body March 08 2014

Once I played Mariah's E=MC2 album on 78RPM by accident while cleaning the house, the result was the haunting part in "touch my body" where she goes " I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN " Well this genius straight up remixed it that way. Mariah never ceases to make me happy she exists, that Hello Kitty Mansion Nick Cannon Wifey.


Japanese Ghosts March 06 2014

No one tells a ghost story quite like the Japanese.

Growing up in Hawaii, you quickly learn that the entire island is haunted, with Obake and with the spirits of your Amakua.  With the coming of Spring, Japanese Festivals and Ghosts are on my mind. 










This Repair Shop Pop Up February 19 2014

Oh man, all the beauty and wonder that is running something you love! We've been out of commission on the web but we are back! Thanks for all who supported us and here are some fun pics of that Party!






TRS MIX #2 February 03 2014

sophisticated bad girls

-lil kim shake ya bum bum

This is to get you ready for a pop up 


TRS MIX #2 from thisrepairshop on 8tracks Radio.


We Bad January 20 2014


The Joyce Kim January 08 2014





Sometimes I think you're only as good as the people who want to be by your side. If this theory holds true ThisRepairShop has got your back, because of the peeps that's got ours.

We are not sure how long we are going to be able to convince Joyce Kim to keep working with us, because she's already got The Fader, Urbanoutfitters, and Mohawk General asking for her eye and time. Already one of the top Photographers to watch for 2014 and beyond, this lady is one of the many reasons we look good. She's also a wonderful friend and has the best damn kid face.

TRS MIX #1 January 06 2014

Let's start 2014 off with some sexy sounds

TRS will be hosting a Valentine's Shop at Space 1520

So let's set the mood 



1, 2 Step Happy 2014 January 06 2014

Think what you will Missy is a good MC. Her and Lady Ciara rolled as a good crew.