sophisticated bad girls

-lil kim shake ya bum bum

This is to get you ready for a pop up 


TRS MIX #2 from thisrepairshop on 8tracks Radio.


We Bad


The Joyce Kim





Sometimes I think you're only as good as the people who want to be by your side. If this theory holds true ThisRepairShop has got your back, because of the peeps that's got ours.

We are not sure how long we are going to be able to convince Joyce Kim to keep working with us, because she's already got The Fader, Urbanoutfitters, and Mohawk General asking for her eye and time. Already one of the top Photographers to watch for 2014 and beyond, this lady is one of...


Let's start 2014 off with some sexy sounds

TRS will be hosting a Valentine's Shop at Space 1520

So let's set the mood 



1, 2 Step Happy 2014

Think what you will Missy is a good MC. Her and Lady Ciara rolled as a good crew.