James Ulmer X This Repair Shop April 04 2014


James Ulmer and I used to share a studio at Space 1026. We once had a show at a Laundromat together,that made no sense to either of us, but it was actually one of the greatest shows I have ever had the pleasure of being in. Here is an interview with one of TRS's favorite artists.



TRS: Who is James Ulmer?
J: I am an artist, cat and dog owner. No relation to James Blood Ulmer
TRS: Where are you from?
J: I grew up outside of Philadelphia.
TRS: Where do you live now?
J: I am currently living in Brooklyn NY
TRS: Where did your art come from?
J: I don't really know where it came from? My head, practice, people, growing up, not wanting to grow up.
TRS: Where is it going?
J: It's going sideways.
TRS: Remember when we first hung out drawing, I cut myself on your exacto blade and ran away?
J: Ha Yes you found it when you stuck your hand in my bag looking for an eraser. You had blood all over your shirt and walked home really fast.